A family farm

Gap View Homestead is an organic family farm and online store that brings fresh farm foods directly to your doorstep. We believe that healthy foods should be affordable and easy to get. That’s why we exist. Our mission is to make it as easy as possible for you to live a healthy and happy lifestyle. Check out our selection of organic fermented products and other healthy foods.

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Fermented Products

Raw Sauerkraut


Fermented Products



Pickled Vegetables

Pickled Red Beets


Fermented Products

Fermented Ginger Carrots


Miss Rudolph

“I purchased a jar of kimchi from the Stoltzfus’ and found the
contents to be crispy and delicious! My stomach felt so happy and
satisfied when I ate it!”

Miss Zimmerman

“All of Gap View Homestead’s products that I have tried are deliciously fermented and succulent! My personal favorite is are the dilly beans. They are the perfect crunchy and healthy snack! Highly recommended!”

Why Should You Eat Fermented Organic Vegetables?

It might seem like fermented products are just a fad but we think they are here to stay. Why? Because of all the great health benefits that come from eating fermented foods. Some of these include improved digestive health and a boosted immune system. So our question is, why wouldn’t you eat fermented vegetables?

A trusted business

Gap View Homestead is built on principles of fairness and honesty. Here are a few businesses that we are serving through our wholesale program.

Pictures from the farm

As a family farm, everything doesn’t have to be about business. We have to time to slow down and just enjoy life on the farm. Here’s some pictures of farm life. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

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