The Animals

We have lots of animals on the farm, but mainly, we raise birds. All of our birds are free-range, pasture-raised, and fed only non-GMO feed. They are given plenty of space to roam free and live healthy lives. We sell pasture raised chicken most of the year and offer free-range turkey over Thanksgiving in the meats section of our store.

turkey for sale from family farmer

The Garden

Our garden is where we grow most of the vegetables we use for our pickles, fermented products, and pickled vegetables. All of our produce is organically grown meaning we use no synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. Plus, being a small, family farmer allows us to ensure that all of our vegetables are of the highest quality.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is where all the magic happens. Regular, organic produce gets turned into delicious fermented vegetables, fermented juices, pickled vegetables, and more. These products then get shipped off to your kitchen where they can become a part of your healthy lifestyle. If you want to learn more about how we make our fermented products, read about the process we use, known as lacto-fermentation, on our blog.